mmcv.cnn.builder 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
from ..runner import Sequential
from ..utils import Registry, build_from_cfg

[文档]def build_model_from_cfg(cfg, registry, default_args=None): """Build a PyTorch model from config dict(s). Different from ``build_from_cfg``, if cfg is a list, a ``nn.Sequential`` will be built. Args: cfg (dict, list[dict]): The config of modules, is is either a config dict or a list of config dicts. If cfg is a list, a the built modules will be wrapped with ``nn.Sequential``. registry (:obj:`Registry`): A registry the module belongs to. default_args (dict, optional): Default arguments to build the module. Defaults to None. Returns: nn.Module: A built nn module. """ if isinstance(cfg, list): modules = [ build_from_cfg(cfg_, registry, default_args) for cfg_ in cfg ] return Sequential(*modules) else: return build_from_cfg(cfg, registry, default_args)
MODELS = Registry('model', build_func=build_model_from_cfg)