mmcv.ops.points_sampler 源代码

from typing import List

import torch
from torch import nn as nn

from mmcv.runner import force_fp32
from .furthest_point_sample import (furthest_point_sample,

def calc_square_dist(point_feat_a, point_feat_b, norm=True):
    """Calculating square distance between a and b.

        point_feat_a (Tensor): (B, N, C) Feature vector of each point.
        point_feat_b (Tensor): (B, M, C) Feature vector of each point.
        norm (Bool, optional): Whether to normalize the distance.
            Default: True.

        Tensor: (B, N, M) Distance between each pair points.
    num_channel = point_feat_a.shape[-1]
    # [bs, n, 1]
    a_square = torch.sum(point_feat_a.unsqueeze(dim=2).pow(2), dim=-1)
    # [bs, 1, m]
    b_square = torch.sum(point_feat_b.unsqueeze(dim=1).pow(2), dim=-1)

    corr_matrix = torch.matmul(point_feat_a, point_feat_b.transpose(1, 2))

    dist = a_square + b_square - 2 * corr_matrix
    if norm:
        dist = torch.sqrt(dist) / num_channel
    return dist

def get_sampler_cls(sampler_type):
    """Get the type and mode of points sampler.

        sampler_type (str): The type of points sampler.
            The valid value are "D-FPS", "F-FPS", or "FS".

        class: Points sampler type.
    sampler_mappings = {
        'D-FPS': DFPSSampler,
        'F-FPS': FFPSSampler,
        'FS': FSSampler,
        return sampler_mappings[sampler_type]
    except KeyError:
        raise KeyError(
            f'Supported `sampler_type` are {sampler_mappings.keys()}, but got \

[文档]class PointsSampler(nn.Module): """Points sampling. Args: num_point (list[int]): Number of sample points. fps_mod_list (list[str], optional): Type of FPS method, valid mod ['F-FPS', 'D-FPS', 'FS'], Default: ['D-FPS']. F-FPS: using feature distances for FPS. D-FPS: using Euclidean distances of points for FPS. FS: using F-FPS and D-FPS simultaneously. fps_sample_range_list (list[int], optional): Range of points to apply FPS. Default: [-1]. """ def __init__(self, num_point: List[int], fps_mod_list: List[str] = ['D-FPS'], fps_sample_range_list: List[int] = [-1]): super().__init__() # FPS would be applied to different fps_mod in the list, # so the length of the num_point should be equal to # fps_mod_list and fps_sample_range_list. assert len(num_point) == len(fps_mod_list) == len( fps_sample_range_list) self.num_point = num_point self.fps_sample_range_list = fps_sample_range_list self.samplers = nn.ModuleList() for fps_mod in fps_mod_list: self.samplers.append(get_sampler_cls(fps_mod)()) self.fp16_enabled = False
[文档] @force_fp32() def forward(self, points_xyz, features): """ Args: points_xyz (Tensor): (B, N, 3) xyz coordinates of the features. features (Tensor): (B, C, N) Descriptors of the features. Return: Tensor: (B, npoint, sample_num) Indices of sampled points. """ indices = [] last_fps_end_index = 0 for fps_sample_range, sampler, npoint in zip( self.fps_sample_range_list, self.samplers, self.num_point): assert fps_sample_range < points_xyz.shape[1] if fps_sample_range == -1: sample_points_xyz = points_xyz[:, last_fps_end_index:] if features is not None: sample_features = features[:, :, last_fps_end_index:] else: sample_features = None else: sample_points_xyz = \ points_xyz[:, last_fps_end_index:fps_sample_range] if features is not None: sample_features = features[:, :, last_fps_end_index: fps_sample_range] else: sample_features = None fps_idx = sampler(sample_points_xyz.contiguous(), sample_features, npoint) indices.append(fps_idx + last_fps_end_index) last_fps_end_index += fps_sample_range indices =, dim=1) return indices
class DFPSSampler(nn.Module): """Using Euclidean distances of points for FPS.""" def __init__(self): super().__init__() def forward(self, points, features, npoint): """Sampling points with D-FPS.""" fps_idx = furthest_point_sample(points.contiguous(), npoint) return fps_idx class FFPSSampler(nn.Module): """Using feature distances for FPS.""" def __init__(self): super().__init__() def forward(self, points, features, npoint): """Sampling points with F-FPS.""" assert features is not None, \ 'feature input to FFPS_Sampler should not be None' features_for_fps =[points, features.transpose(1, 2)], dim=2) features_dist = calc_square_dist( features_for_fps, features_for_fps, norm=False) fps_idx = furthest_point_sample_with_dist(features_dist, npoint) return fps_idx class FSSampler(nn.Module): """Using F-FPS and D-FPS simultaneously.""" def __init__(self): super().__init__() def forward(self, points, features, npoint): """Sampling points with FS_Sampling.""" assert features is not None, \ 'feature input to FS_Sampler should not be None' ffps_sampler = FFPSSampler() dfps_sampler = DFPSSampler() fps_idx_ffps = ffps_sampler(points, features, npoint) fps_idx_dfps = dfps_sampler(points, features, npoint) fps_idx =[fps_idx_ffps, fps_idx_dfps], dim=1) return fps_idx
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