mmcv.utils.version_utils 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import os
import subprocess
import warnings

from packaging.version import parse

[文档]def digit_version(version_str: str, length: int = 4): """Convert a version string into a tuple of integers. This method is usually used for comparing two versions. For pre-release versions: alpha < beta < rc. Args: version_str (str): The version string. length (int): The maximum number of version levels. Default: 4. Returns: tuple[int]: The version info in digits (integers). """ assert 'parrots' not in version_str version = parse(version_str) assert version.release, f'failed to parse version {version_str}' release = list(version.release) release = release[:length] if len(release) < length: release = release + [0] * (length - len(release)) if version.is_prerelease: mapping = {'a': -3, 'b': -2, 'rc': -1} val = -4 # version.pre can be None if version.pre: if version.pre[0] not in mapping: warnings.warn(f'unknown prerelease version {version.pre[0]}, ' 'version checking may go wrong') else: val = mapping[version.pre[0]] release.extend([val, version.pre[-1]]) else: release.extend([val, 0]) elif version.is_postrelease: release.extend([1,]) else: release.extend([0, 0]) return tuple(release)
def _minimal_ext_cmd(cmd): # construct minimal environment env = {} for k in ['SYSTEMROOT', 'PATH', 'HOME']: v = os.environ.get(k) if v is not None: env[k] = v # LANGUAGE is used on win32 env['LANGUAGE'] = 'C' env['LANG'] = 'C' env['LC_ALL'] = 'C' out = subprocess.Popen( cmd, stdout=subprocess.PIPE, env=env).communicate()[0] return out
[文档]def get_git_hash(fallback='unknown', digits=None): """Get the git hash of the current repo. Args: fallback (str, optional): The fallback string when git hash is unavailable. Defaults to 'unknown'. digits (int, optional): kept digits of the hash. Defaults to None, meaning all digits are kept. Returns: str: Git commit hash. """ if digits is not None and not isinstance(digits, int): raise TypeError('digits must be None or an integer') try: out = _minimal_ext_cmd(['git', 'rev-parse', 'HEAD']) sha = out.strip().decode('ascii') if digits is not None: sha = sha[:digits] except OSError: sha = fallback return sha
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